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bathrobe n : a loose-fitting robe of towelling; worn after a bath or swim

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From bath + robe.


  1. A robe usually made of terrycloth intended to be worn to preserve modesty when there is no immediate need to fully dress.


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A bathrobe is a robe typically worn after bathing in the privacy of one's home where the wearer is typically otherwise nude to keep warm and/or preserve modesty at times when there is no immediate need to fully dress. Several styles of bathrobes are marketed to consumers, categorised by textile material and type of weave.

Styles of fabrics

Bathrobes are generally made of three different fabrics.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a natural fibre consisting primarily of cellulose and is one of the most commonly used fibres in textile manufacturing. Due to the polarity of cellulose, cotton bathrobes absorb water easily and are frequently used by the beach, pool, or following a shower. Cotton bathrobes are especially suited to use in hot climates because cotton tends to absorb perspiration.
  • Silk: Another common fabric used in bathrobes is silk. Silk is a fine lustrous fibre composed mainly of fibroin and produced by the secretions of certain insect larvae (normally silkworms) forming strong, elastic, fibrous thread. These kinds of bathrobes can be relatively expensive due to the cost of producing silk. Such bathrobes are very thin and lightweight. These bathrobes are not particularly suited to wet environments because they lack the surface area and polarity necessary to absorb water.
  • Microfibre: Microfibre is an extremely fine synthetic fibre, typically made of cellulose or polyester, that can be woven into textiles to mimic natural-fibre cloth. Modern microfibres are developed to maximise breathability and water absorption and can be thinner than the width of human hair. Much like silk, robes made out of microfibre are light in weight and are very soft to the touch.

Styles of weave

Bathrobes are also categorised by their shape of weave.
  • Terry: Terry is a pile fabric, usually woven of cotton, with uncut loops on both sides, used for bath towels and robes. The longer and denser the loops are, more absorbent the bathrobes are.
  • Velour: Velour is a fabric with cut loops. Velour bathrobes are typically made with terry inside, as terrycloth absorbs water better than velour. Velour gives the bathrobe luxury, cosiness, and makes the garment softer to the touch.
  • Waffle: Waffle fabric is loose and has a distinctive "gridlike" appearance. For most part, these bathrobes are designed for their light weight.

Styles of collars

There are varieties of collars for bathrobes as well.
  • Shawl Collar: So called because the collar closes about the neck just like a shawl. The shawl collar gives a feeling of warmth and cosiness.
  • Kimono: The kimono style robe actually has no collar per se. It generally provides more comfort to the wearer in warm weather.


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